Let me introduce myself. My name is Christian lePadellac. I was born in Brittany, France but had always wanted to come to the United States.

That opportunity presented itself in 1976. A French chef in Delray Beach needed help in his restaurant. With fifty dollars in my pocket, I left France to come to the United States. I worked for him for several years. During that time he shared with me his secrets to help me become a good chef.

To further my cooking expertise, I left Delray Beach and headed to the Big Apple. I spent several years in New York perfecting my skills before I returned to South Florida. After much hard work by both my wife, Marilyse and me, our dream came true.

Le Petit Cafe was successfully opened over eleven years ago in Dania Beach. I would like to thank all of our customers who have helped to give the restaurant a great reputation. What we enjoy the most is seeing our customers leaving the restaurant happy and eager to return for another delicious meal.